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感謝8.11泰晤士報(Times)Donald Hutera的深度好評,讓Misa-Lisin榮獲四星佳績!不管是針對冉而山劇場或是MIsa-Lisin一劇,Donald都鞭辟入裡地點出了特色。(感謝Jane Jane Wei提供照片)請大家為台灣5個團隊加油,出征為台灣爭取更多印象與捷報!

【★★★★4stars review】
The most visually, aurally, and kinetically arresting Taiwanese show is Misa-Lisin, a strange, hunting, seemingly authentic ceremony incorporating live music, primal movement and carefully contained lashing of paint and mud. Langasan Theatre’s 7 performers are young and old, male and female, and one is disable. They are rarely if ever play out to us, concentrating instead on expressing themselves in sound or action as if from some mysteriously profound and shared internal zone. This earthy, messy and somehow self-generatively mythological performance is full of sensation both subtle and strong.




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